Saturday, 16 July 2011

Scan The Contents - What It's All About ?

Way back in 1985 I remember hearing my first hip hop track in the back of the school minibus on the way to play a basketbasket match. Up until then had no interest in any sort of music but how things were about to change. It was 'The Message' and I loved it and wanted to hear more. Every penny I earnt from paper rounds, collecting rounds etc was spent in my quest to find out whatever I could about this 'new' music I had heard. Twenty six years has now past since those day and I still have pretty much everything I ever collected to do with hip hop. While there are numerous blogs covering the vinyl side of things I found very few with any early hip hop interviews on. What I intend to do here is post as much as I can from my collection of magazines and cuttings from my golden years of hip hop, 1986-1989. I'll put up scans of the pages which will hopefully be readable but if not I'll try and put the text below it. Just hope my scanners up to it !!

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